Week 3: Chicken

For week 3 of Camp Blood Quarantine, we thought we’d REALLY push the boundaries of thematic suggestions. We wanted to see how one word could used, interpreted, focused on, avoided, really anything. So we gave you “chicken”. Y’all really crushed this one. As each week progresses, we are seeing you guys push yourselves creatively and technologically. This week it seems that everyone chose to up their soundtrack game which worked so well with such a vague theme. Setting mood audibly can tell just as much story as several pages of dialogue, very Kuleshov of y’all. Turn off the lights, grab your popcorn, and enjoy this weeks Camp Blood Quarantine nuggets (sorry, I had to!)

P.S. Let us know how you all are enjoying this in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Winner: Chicken by Alex T Jacobs

Judges Comments:

“Weird, quirky, and bloody. What more could you want?”
“Great mood music, complete story and I will not eat chicken for a week now!”
“Very visceral. I physically responded to this.”

Runner-Up: I (Almost) Made a Movie by Sam Morgan

Judges Comments:

“Fully creative use of a vague theme”
“Writer’s block can be petrifying. Deadlines are horrifying. So can be waking up in the morning and seeing what you did last night”
“You won’t see this one coming!”


#chickenchallenge by Chaunté Thorpe

Judges Comments:

“Major props for learning new software. Also got me hard with the fast shaking! I love it”

“This was SO creepy. Reminded me of the Paranormal series, especially with the bathroom scene.”

APEX by Cykautik Productions

Judges Comments:

“Superb use of sound”
“A wildlife thriller like you’ve never seen before. Keeps you guessing.”
“adding heartbeat to the soundtrack was a great tool for adding dread. clever use of editing cuts during the chase”
“TREMENDOUS start. Excellent job of turning the screw.”


Totem by Benjamin Mead

Judges Comments:

“Dialogue < Suspense. Great job”
“The egg bit was well executed.”
“shadow of man in bedroom door was a great way to turn a challenge into an asset. overall really quite creepy “

Chicken by Madtowne Films

Judges Comments:

“Another hilarious short with a great punchline from Madtowne Films.”
“When it gets its own IMDB page, the trivia section must include how many times “No” is spoken.”