Week 1: Contaminated

Here are the submissions and results for the inaugural week of Camp Blood: Quarantine. This week’s theme was “Contaminated”. Thank you all for your hard work and submissions! We hope this was as fun for you as it was for us. This week reminds us that a physical quarantine doesn’t mean a creative one. Keep watching #CampBloodQuarantine for news and updates.

Winner: Don’t Go Outside!

Don’t Go Outside!
By: Benjamin Mead and Connor Brown

Judges Comments:
“I bought in after 2 seconds. Impressive emotional storytelling through repetition and cinematography.”

“great pacing and rhythm, really capturing the tedium people feel when stuck at home.”

“The monotonous music matches the monotonous day to day that we are all disturbingly getting used to in this quarantine.”


By: Brian Klewin

Judges Comments:

“Very high quality with excellent workmanship.  You can really feel the paranoia!”

“The contamination was visualized brilliantly and really built up the suspense.”

“visually stunning and dripping with suspense”

March 27, 2020
By: Chaunté Thorpe

Judges Comments:

“Really interesting use of the tools they had to tell a modern story. Felt real, I could see half of the population doing exactly what she did for that film in the event of a pandemic”

“eerily relatable. This could be found footage from a loved one.”

“The writing is really stellar in this simple found-footage style short, proving that you don’t need high production value to tell a great story.”

Safer At Home
By: Bored At Home

Judges Comments:

“Thought they built suspense really well with this one and left me wanting more when the credits rolled.”

“Engaging story that keeps you wanting more. Great camera work.”

“A reminder that there are many things to fear.”

“Love the titles and very well-shot. The story was a great twist on the quarantine/contamination theme.”