• Check-in at the main lodge between 12PM and 12:30PM
  • Walking Tour/Location Scout of the Facility
    • Each team will be given a map of the grounds indicating the different Filming Locations
    • As well as the public, shared areas
  • Filming Locations are drawn by each Team Leader out of a hat
  • Teams may go straight to their filming location or begin work in the Main Lodge
  • Writing and Pre-Production begins
  • Time for Prop and Wardrobe Shopping
  • Group Dinner in the Dining Hall
  • Prep continues and/or filming begins!


  • This is the primary filming day
    • Teams will be limited to their Filming Location
    • Each team will be provided a walkie with a channel for the production office and a channel to reach other teams
  • Equipment Room in the Production Office will open:
    • Friday – 6pm-2am
    • Saturday – 6am-Midnight
    • Sunday – 1am-4pm
  • There will not be any scheduled group meals. There will always be food and beverages in the Dining Hall and available for teams to eat as they are able
  • Post-Production crew members are encouraged to help as extras or in another crew position during filming
  • This is also a time for composers to write/produce


  • You can setup your edit space in your cabin or one of the designated common areas
  • We will try to create a “sound-proof room” for ADR and foley
  • Anyone not involved in Post, can help setup for the screening
  • Final files due to A/V by 6pm
  • Group dinner for campers from 6-7pm
  • 7pm Film Screening
    • Open to the public
    • Tickets are $10 (Includes Free Popcorn)
    • Audience votes on Audience Choice Awards (TBD)
    • Awards given