Quarantine FAQ


  • A contest for you and those you are quarantined with. Each week we will share a theme that you can take and make a film with.
  • Films should be no longer than 5 minutes long and can be shot on your phone or professional camera (we focus on the film as a whole, not picture quality).
  • You have from Monday-Friday to submit and share your films using the hashtag #campbloodquarantine


  • Each Monday we will announce the theme at 8AM CST on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Submissions close Fridays at 10PM CST.
  • Winner will be announced Sundays at 8PM CST.


  1. Host the film on YouTube
  2. Complete the Submission Form
  3. Share to social media using #campbloodquarantine


  • Our contest is free to enter and open to all!


  • Like you have anything better to do?
  • To share your innovative creations with the world!