When is the festival?

  • Our 2019 festival will be September 27th-29th.

Where does the festival take place?

How much does it cost?

  • Each participant pays individually
  • Early Bird Pricing (Submitted before May 1st, 2019) $200 per participant
  • Regular Entry Pricing (Submitted between May 1st and July 30th) $235 per participant
  • Student Pricing (with current ID) $150 per participant
  • For private room reservations, there is an additional fee of $50. Please note that private rooms do not come with private bathrooms.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

  • We prefer that you sleep as a team in your Filming Location, since more than likely you won’t have time for a lot of sleep anyway.
  • Most sleeping arrangements are dorm style.
  • There will be beds and linens, but we recommend bringing your own sleeping bag and pillow.
  • If you are given a campsite location, there will be a shelter, but you will be given the option to sleep there or to have beds reserved in one of the dorms.
  • If you require a private room, space is limited, but if there is availability it can be reserved at an additional cost.

What food is provided?

  • There are only two scheduled group meals: Friday dinner and Sunday dinner
  • Since the rest of the weekend is on your schedule, meals will be available in the Dining Hall at all times so that teams can grab and go, or sit and eat as they please.
    • Continental breakfast will be available in the morning
    • Cold lunch and snacks available in the afternoon
    • Hot meal for dinner in the evening
    • Coffee and water will also be available at all times

What happens to my film?

  • First, it will be screened with the others the Sunday night of the festival.
  • You own the rights and as such may submit to other festivals, screen, and distribute it as you like as long as you include the Camp Blood Film Festival slate at the beginning of your film.
  • If you would like help with distribution, ask us!

How many crew members can we have on a team?

  • You may have a maximum of 10 on your team
  • There is no minimum though we do not recommend less than 3

Does it have to be a horror film?

  • Yes, but we will accept films that lean more towards thriller or supernatural

Will there be Awards?

All Award Winners for the Camp Blood Film Festival are voted upon by the audience of the Festival Screening on the Sunday of the Festival. Any audience members in attendance, including Festival Organizers, may vote for all or none of the Audience Award Categories including:

  • Best Death
  • Superior Evil
  • Spookiest Story
  • Best Film

Team Leads and Participants may vote for the first three Awards, though they may not vote for the Audience Choice: Best Film Award. Runner Ups in each category may be announced at the Screening and on the Website, but will not receive an Award.

The Films of the winners of each category may be featured at www.campbloodfilmfestival.com.