Camp Staff

Camp Directors

Natalie Pohorski

Natalie is a freelance film and video producer based in Madison, WI. She has a heart for bringing more film production to Wisconsin and thought a great place to start would be with a new film festival! Horror is her genre of choice so it didn’t take long to come up with the idea for Camp Blood. During the festival she will be emcee, location guide, and production office coordinator.


Erica Engebreth

Erica is a freelance artist and production designer based in Madison, WI. While horror is definitely not her genre of choice, she loves a great set and our summer camp is just the ticket. Her super power is the ability to find anything (if she can’t find it, she just makes it herself.) So if you have any questions during the weekend, she’s your girl!

Camp Counselors

  • A/V Guy: Gunnard Engebreth

He will be managing the equipment room and the person you give your finished film to for the screening.


BTS Video/Photo: Tim Ostrander

  • Tim is a photographer and filmmaker based in Madison, WI. He will be floating around getting behind-the-scenes shots for all of the teams from check in to the final screening.

Makeup Artists

  • Dark Alley Special FX