Week 5: One Missed Call

Alexander Graham Bell most likely never considered a time in which the ease of making a phone call would be taken for granted. There were no concepts of answering machines or voicemail — phone calls were important. Just 30 years ago, when the phone rang it was a sense of excitement when your day was happily interrupted by the “brrrrring” of the home phone. It was exciting. Who was calling? What was so urgent that our life needed to be put on hold? Who or what was reaching out to us?

As time has passed, we’ve collectively created a tension around answering the phone. The personal connection is not wanted. We get to “Accept” or invite someone into our routines. Phone calls are disruptive, invasive and even unwanted. What is it about a missed call that creates such mystery? We didn’t choose to accept or reject it. We didn’t have a say in how it should be inserted into our lives. It is just there, festering like a living creature. A creature that, from birth, leaches our comfort and replaces it with suspense and anxiety…

But that’s just my take on this weeks theme of “One missed call”. Check your phone, put it on silent mode and watch this weeks offerings below.


Winner: Don’t Miss the Call – Cykautik Productions

Judges Comments:

The filmmaker has a great affinity for building dread and tension. It was great to see landlines getting some screen time again.

So good and suspenseful. great build up! Satisfying and creepy ending.

Versatile acting, VFX, and editing were very strong. Really great drama. The acting, beard, the nervously waiting scene was crazy. Great job and congratulations!

Great usage of suspense and urgency. 

Runner-Up: One Missed Call – Chaunté Thorpe

Judges Comments:

Clever, fun, and creepy. Chaunté shows her versatility as a storyteller.

I look forward to seeing what Chaunté is going create every week. One Missed Call was creepy and funny!

Nice use of props and tech, costuming was interesting, editing and VFX were great. Good work!
What a fun ride. The twist came at the perfect time.

No Face – Megan Gale

Judges Comments:

A feature film in five minutes! Good lore building and use of the found footage style.

 Great story and the kids are awesome little actors!

Really cool, Love the involvement of the whole family.

The Unboxing – Ryan Fitzmartin

Judges Comments:

The shock factor was fun acting was really great. loved the theme, and the writing! Nice job.
This one is a one take wonder. It’s the ending you expect, but somehow still takes you completely by surprise.
Really fun to watch!

live stream – Madtowne Films

Judges Comments:

I’d definitely follow you on twitch. Great idea!

loved that you Incorporated the chicken short

I never really got the whole Esports thing of people watching people play games. But I was wrong on that one.

These guys went meta and I love it. Using the Twitch format was a great storytelling device.

A Slice of Life – Natalie Hazen

Judges Comments:

Great characters music is a nice touch, use of stick footage great, funny stuff! Well done!
Glendale Representing! 
HILARIOUS! I was snorting.
I love true crime and pizza!
Great use of secondary characters. Seriously “Ripped from the headlines”!