Week 4: Yellow

Last week we thought we were going to throw you for a loop — but alas, the overwhelming creativity of the submissions showed us that we did couldn’t
off your game. So that brings us to week 4: yellow and the great films below.

Keeping with tradition, these submissions range all over the place. Some
artists show off their own language dexterity while others go beyond the
traditional medium of film and push the boundaries of animation. I know
that we will not look at stick figures the same way again. 

How is it that no matter what we throw at you, the results are incredible?
Enough typing.

Submitted for your approval.
The week 4 submissions.
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First Date – Chaunté Thorpe

Judges Comments:
Such a fun take and approach. So much charm in simple animation like this, something I feel often gets overlooked. Had a smile on my face the whole time.
Slow motion is no joke, this is super impressive. I want a sequel to find out what happens next.
I mean who do you know that can take a first date story, create it in stop motion, and come up with something creepy?
Stick figures are the new clowns

Runner Up:

The Suitcase – Bejamin Mead

Judges Comments:
The dry humor these guys bring to their films is always hilarious and pairs well with the horror elements. The yellow was a nice contrast to their blue and orange color scheme.
The pace was perfect and the suspense was able to build multiple times within a 5 minute window. The ending was the perfect answer to the question I had all along.
Amusing spin on a trope with a solid payoff. It occurred to me I’ve never chopped a banana before and now I feel like I should.
Super fun story — Im only going to chop my bananas like that from now on

Do You Understand Me? – Maya Weatherall

Judges Comments:
Interesting and clever, and bonus points for being the only multi-lingual entry!
A little witchy! Good use of theme.
Loved his reaction. Just add this crazyness on to what is already happening.

Meat – Madtowne Films

Judges Comments:
Really appreciated this take on the theme and that it was so dialogue-driven. Good way to tell a whole story in a small amount of time without having to put much on-screen.

This film was like a good wine, one glass in and you’ll want more.



Legs – Natalie Hazen

Judges Comments:
Great use of taking something that shouldn’t necessarily be creepy on its own and making it exactly that, creepy.
Disarming and strange; it keeps getting creepier. It has that great indie horror vibe.
Roller-coaster of funny and creep vibes.
Natalie’s work proves her to be an unstoppable one-woman show.

You’re It – Frozenbrick