Week 2: “This is a Test”

Week  two of Camp Blood Quarantine was inspired by the seemingly benign phrase “This is a Test”. What… is a test? Are WE being tested? Is life a test? When set in the framework of our current world situation, this phrase can bring hope or fear. The submissions this week blew our minds with creativity. Each film took this theme and applied dripping coats of story, metaphor and all things horror. Thank you to all who submitted films! Share #CampBloodQuarantine with all of your friends and follow along on Facebook and Instagram! Stay calm, stay safe and keep filming.

Winner: THIS IS A TEST by D’arby Rose

Judges Comments

“I watched it several times and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Timely and well done”

“Nice shot choices and great mood setting, love use of black & white vs color.”

Runner-Up: This Is A Test by Chaunté Thorpe

Judges Comments:

“So much story in such a little film. Great use of graphics to tell the story, too.”

“So much effective world building in such a succinct story!  Feels like a new urban legend / creepypasta”

“Creepy cool concept”

by MadTowne Films

Judges Comments

“Fun build up and payoff.”

“Very funny!  Love the ending. Great sound design; creature sounds terrifying. “

by Benjamin Mead

Judges Comments

“Good pacing and spot on performances. Somehow unsettling and funny at the same time.”

“Super funny.  Great shot choices and mood setting, and nice twist.”

” I liked the story line and twist ending. The gore was on point, very effective ending. A very complete story from start to finish.”